We are Great Dane Group

and here is our story…

Our Story

As experienced leaders ourselves, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We like to focus on  great examples we’ve seen where executive leaders were engaged, removed barriers and empowered business units to perform at their best. We’ve witnessed companies with compelling missions, where employees wanted to stay and experienced career development. Sadly, we know this isn’t reality in all organizations. Together, we’ve made a commitment to give back what we’ve experienced and learned over the years. We help and teach our clients to anticipate, adapt and create positive change. Everyday we get up, ready to make another leader and their organization better!

We believe: 

  • Leadership creates culture.
  • Culture inspires engagement.
  • Engagement fosters performance.
  • Performance drives results!

Our Mission

The Great Dane Group, LLC works to develop leaders, foster healthy work cultures and inspire teams to work cohesively and deliver quality results. We do this by, 
  • Coaching leaders to be and do their best, and promote healthy cultures of purpose and belonging.
  • Training teams to build trust, commitment and accountability.

Our Values

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